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In the field of power generation, some heavy duty turning machines called oil country lathes are mostly CNC horizontal lathe machine. It is a heavy duty machine tool that can rotate a work piece on a rotating axis to perform various machining operations, such as cutting, deformation, facing, and turning. This heavy duty machining is performed with gigantic tools, which is applied to the work piece and creates an axis-symmetrical object, and which is driven by the spindle. The spindle is driven by a power system, which can be a direct drive motor, belt or gears. Each power driving method is complicated and the application is different.

Nowadays, turning machines are divided into two categories according to the way of clamping work pieces, namely vertical lathes and horizontal lathes. The oil country lathe belongs to horizontal model because most of the work pieces are too large to be loaded on a vertical platform. In the vertical model, the work piece is clamped vertically, and the cutting tools are installed in the same direction, so that the machining proceeds in the vertical direction.

The Arrangement of Oil Country Lathe

Compared with horizontal lathes, due to the gravity effect, the vertically clamped work piece arrangement will be firmer and better fixed. Manufacturers of vertical turning machines usually turn it into high precision and high quality production equipment, which is used in automotive industry, aerospace, sports equipment manufacturing, and some larger work pieces are not suitable for heavy duty turning lathes, such as oil country lathes.

There is no invincible system that wins everything. In the vertical clamping mechanism, the spindle of the vertical turning lathe is located behind the chuck, which may cause the vertical arrangement of the chuck and the cylinder on the base case to bear too much gravity. The lathe spindle may be belt driven, or other types of driving methods.

Similar to other milling machines and machining centers, turning lathes can also be equipped with power tools and tool magazines to improve their functionality and versatility and provide users with greater processing possibilities. The power turret is a modern standard accessory for many CNC turning machines and one of the most important accessories for users of CNC lathes. Taiwanese suppliers have aimed at this business and developed many high quality power turret and power tool products to support the needs of lathe users from different sectors around the world.

Custom Based

These components and accessories bring great convenience to users. In the past decade, no matter how prices change, demand has surged. Many power turrets are driven by single motor with servo function, which can ensure the best processing results and save the best energy consumption. At the same time, they can also provide great rigidity to the work piece, thereby providing ideal cutting performance.

In addition to the power turret, tool magazines and automatic tool changers (ATC) are also the best selling products of Taiwan's machine tool accessory suppliers. The tool magazine and automatic tool change system made in Taiwan can provide the optimal tool to tool time according to the customer's cycle time engineering to help customers meet order requirements. Compared with global competitors, Taiwanese suppliers know how to provide customers with comprehensive services based on local conditions and upgrade machine tools and accessories to the latest version to meet various new order requirements.

Spindles, chucks and corresponding hydraulic cylinders are also very developed in Taiwan's machine tool component market. Together with CNC turning machine, there are a series of lathe products, components and accessories that are widely used in different industrial fields around the world.

Speaking of the design of heavy duty lathe machine, among the many different designs of turning machine structures, there is a very common thing, that is, the horizontal arrangement of the spinning spindle, which is used to clamp the work piece to be processed by the cutting tool.

A lathe machine is also called a turning machine. It is a machine tool that rotates a work piece on a rotating axis for cutting, knurling, sanding, drilling, deformation, facing, turning and other processing. This type of machining is performed by moving the tool, which will be applied to the target work piece and create an object with an axis-symmetrical contour. By convention, the horizontal arrangement is the most common machine tool design used for heavy duty machining, because this arrangement can handle loading issues in a much easier way, thus providing a convenient machining process.

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